Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which piece of artwork I am buying?

You will not know until later. Consider buying Entropyseeds is similar to opening a pack of collector cards: you won't know what you will receive until the pack is open. The "opening" happens after the initial reveal phase is over or the sale period ends -- whichever occurs first. After, the artwork is assigned to your NFT using a random on-chain mechanism. Doing so stops the creators or anyone else from gaming the system to buy the best NFTs.

The assignment uses a randomized starting index which shifts the initial index of the distribution randomly. A randomized ordering of Entropyseeds is provided for consumers to verify and a hash of this order is included in the base contract. This means the order cannot be changed after the contract is published.

Ok, but which artwork is mine?

After either the initial reveal phase or sale concludes, the starting index is assigned using a random on-chain mechanism. This starting index shifts the ordering forward from the 0th index of the published ordering. For example, if the starting index is 1234 then the first NFT, issued with id #0, will be assigned the piece of artwork 1234 positions from the initial ordering. The random starting index is chosen differently depending on which event triggers it: either the first mint after the reveal period or the mint transaction of the last NFT.

Will I be able to trade my Entropyseed after the sale ends?

All minted Entropyseeds follow the ERC-721 standard and, as a result, can be transferred freely amongst Ethereum wallets.

Price Slip: What if I mint just before the price tier ends?

If you mint more than one Entropyseed near the end of the price tier, there's a chance of a price slip. Eg. if the current supply is 1499 (1 left for the price change between 0.2 to 0.6), and you mint more than 1 seed, you will get all of them for the previous tiers price of 0.2.

How much does a Entropyseed cost?

The collection uses an increasing price schedule for the sale. A table of the schedule is provided on the home page.

How rare is my Entropyseed?

Outside of the animated ultra-rare pieces, the rarity of each Entropyseed is hard to determine exactly, as there is such a large variability to each image. Even when considering the fragmentation level of the artwork, it is still highly variable as some pieces look even better with fragmentation applied. We cannot promise that every piece of artwork in this collection will be loved equally, but we can promise that no two are the same and that there is an Entropyseed for everyone.

WTF I got one that is almost all yellow?

Wow, congrats! The almost perfectly yellow (APeY; pronounced APE-EEE), is one of the rarest pieces in the collection. During the creation of the project over 30k images were generated, and as you can guess most were discarded. The APeY Entropyseed was the only solid color piece generated that entire time.

It was not only included because of its uniqueness and rarity but because of what occurred at the model level. The AI models used in this project are based on deep neural networks and the inputs to many of the models are many small numbers that influence the generated artwork. The yellow output requires near full saturation of the neurons in the network on all neurons that make up the network. Acheving this is extremely difficult from the many small numbers the models consume. This makes APeY even more special.

What can I do with my Entropyseed?

If you own the NFT, then anything you want. Print it, use it as your avatar, anything.

Where can I claim my first generation token?

Head over to our Reclaimer dApp. We strongly recommend that you do not use this dApp when the network is busy as gas prices can get out of hand. The dApp takes your old tokens, in batches of 1-10, and swaps them for tokens with the same index on the new contract. Keep in mind if your token was bought in the 0.6 range you will be credited with an additional token which the new contract mints for you.

Do I have to reclaim my old tokens now?

No. We have reserved indicies [0-1499] for buyers at the 0.2 price level. Of the 225 buyers in the 0.6 price level we reserved 450 indices, 1500-1949. This is because each 0.6 buyer is minted an additional token which will fall in the range of 1725-1949. Everyones original index will match up with the new one. Also, since we have reserved this range even if the sale ends and all the other 6325 are sold you can still redeem your token.

How can I reduce Reclaimer gas costs?

We recommend the following: