You own ? seeds from the previous sale.

Step 1)
Step 3)

Network fees should be less than stated by 10-20%. Use only during off-peak hours. Use 108 gwei or less gas price. Bulk swaps are better.


This tool lets you claim the tokens you bought from the first sale. You can do this forever. This tool does not allow you to claim tokens after index 1724. You can claim tokens in batches of 1-10. If you bought in the 0.6 range, token ids 1499-1724, you will be given an extra token. This extra token comes from a reserved range as well, so you always have a spot. DO NOT ADJUST THE GAS LIMIT. Using a lower gas can make the transaction fail.

Step 1) Perform an approval to transfer your tokens from your wallet to the new contract. ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE.

Step 2) Choose the number of tokens to swap this batch.

Step 3) Performs the transfer & swap of the tokens.

If in doubt, refresh the page. Gas fees are higher if you are in the 0.6 range because you are minting another token.