Record and Proof Of Integrity

This page provides proof of integrity for all pieces of artwork in the Entropyseeds collection. The ordering and hash of every Entropyseed is provided below. A SHA-256 hashing algorithm was used unless otherwise specified. The hashes below are computed on the full image corresponding to each image. In the case of the animated piecies, we compute the hash of hashes for each individual frame concatenated together.

A Final Proof Hash is provided below that captures the specified ordering of each Entropyseed. This Final Proof Hash is included in the Entropyseeds contract and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The ordering can be verified by concatenating all the images hashes together, in the order shown below, and taking the SHA-256 hash of this combined string.

Finalized Starting Index: TBD

Entropyseeds Contract Address:

Final Proof Hash: 51aab9a30a64f0b1f8325ccfa7e80cbcc20b9dbab4b4e6765c3e5178e507d210

After the reveal of the finalized starting index you can find your Entropyseed below by taking your current NFT's index and computing: (idx + finalized_idx) % 8275.

The table below lists the index and SHA-256 hash output. A link will be provided to each image after the reveal phase.