Entropyseeds live on the Ethereum blockchain. (Record and Proof Of Integrity)

1500 NFTs
3000 NFTs
2500 NFTs
1200 NFTs

^ 1 of 19 ultra-rares.

One of a Kind Digital Art Collection

Entropyseeds leverages the recent advances in artificial intelligence models to generate beautiful abstract images. We use several models, each of which learn from an equally unique and custom dataset of natural images and artwork. Our models have seen hundreds of millions of images during their weeks of learning. The result of this is one of the greatest digital artists that rivals any human. Each piece of artwork could be displayed in an art exhibit.

The collection presented here is curated by hand and generated by machine using new and unseen sampling methods. We cannot promise that every piece of artwork in this collection will be loved equally, but we can promise that no two are the same.

The collection features 3 levels of algorithmically induced rarity, but these are not strictly defined as the consumer could value a corrupted piece more than the original. Entropyseeds also includes 19 ultra-rare animated art pieces at a rarity of ~0.22% of the entire collection. The ultra-rares have a quality rating of F* in the bottom right corner.

The uniqueness and scarcity of the collection are defined across several layers: generative, algorithmic, and intrinsic.

NFTs power the underlying ownership of the artwork giving full ownership and usage rights.

Randomly sampled. Twice. For fully fair distribution.

Fragmentation Levels

Our collection uses an algorithmic mechanism to control rarity. Each image has a random fragmentation applied to it at varying levels, as shown below. The fragmentation is applied sequentially, meaning we build off of the previously applied level so that the degrading quality is consistent and increasing with the levels.

Level 0 (F0)

Level 1 (F1).

Level 2 (F2)

Each image contains a small label in the bottom right corner specifying how fragmented it is. A fragmentation level of 0, F0, is perfect with no effect applied. On the other end of the spectrum an image with a fragmentation level of 2, F2, has had the random effect applied twice. However, we have noticed that a high fragmentation level does not always cause a piece of artwork to be of worse quality or less value. In some cases, the opposite occurs with certain pieces appearing to be even more stunning after fragmentation.

^ Fragmentation level 1.

How it works

The Entropyseeds collection features 8275 unique pieces of artwork. Each Entropyseed captures the process of turning chaos into beautiful order. All possible attributes change piece to piece.

All NFTs in the collection were generated ahead of time and randomly shuffled. To provide everyone with a chance to participate in the sale, the max purchase per transaction is limited to 10.

Those who purchased on the original contract can wrap their tokens by approving the new wrapped contract and then calling the wrap function of the new ERC721a contract. Original buyers, below index 2623 have their NFTs marked as OG.

Verified Smart Contract

Wrapped ERC721a Entropyseeds Contract:

Original ERC721 Entropyseeds Contract: 0xe71cD39B62667519f35274c393271daA5048b8CE